The Sandlot

 -Creative Development

Visual Art, Music, Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play- your child will gain how the world works, creativity, problem solving skills, participation in the world, cooperation among peers, styles of behavior, emotional strength & stability in actions & words, and increase in language skills.

Art- a fun time for your child to increase their ability to express themselves without words, and at the same time working on their social-emotional and fine motor skills.

Music-listening to music and dancing will help your child learn cultural diversity, self-expression, listening skills, physical activity.  Here we believe that music can aid in the intellectual development of a child in many ways.

-Physical Development

Fine motor and Gross motor skills 

-Language Arts 

Zoo Phonics, Listening, Speaking, 

Emergent reading and writing


 Shapes, Patterns, Logic  and Numbers

-Creative Development 

Colors, Visual Art, Music, Dramatic Play


Life Science, Physical Science, Health and Safety