So far the start to our summer has been active, creative and simply to put it FUN!  Today, June 21st, marks the first day of summer.  We couldn't think of any other way to celebrate it, other than by having a Picnic.  

Everyone that works with children or has a child knows just how challenging it can be to get kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables.  Research shows that when kids help grow fruits and vegetables, they are more likely to eat more produce as well as trying different foods too. There is so much to be said about including gardening in your child's life.  There are so many benefits that I can think of, but will just name a few.  Gardening helps children engage their curiosity, learn to be resourceful, responsible, physical movement and gain self-confidence. It also is a great way to get your whole family together.  As a mom of children with a huge age gap, I find gardening to be one of the most fun things we can all do together.  Not to mention the laughter and memories we create outside in the fresh air.

In hopes to keep everyone knowledgeable about our weekly themes, I wanted to post to our blog.  It has been sometime since I have written one.

To start on week off, On Monday We will start with a reading of one of our personal favorites, "Pete the Cat, "Pete's Big Lunch", by James Dean.  Our 5-day read-out-loud will help our young readers to learn about the different types of lunch food, while expanding their vocabulary, reading comprehension, basic language skills, word repetition and love of reading.  Moving on with our day, we will pick some of our own home grown green beans.  The kids have worked so hard taking care of their plants.  They watered them daily and made sure they received plenty of sun.  We have read and sang to our plants and just about provided every type of love one can.  Be sure to come back next week to see our pictures of our green bean harvest.

Tuesday the kids will have the opportunity to show their personal style with silly sock day.  A fun way to get them making their own choices and being confident in their decision.  Plus who likes matching socks anyways?  In addition to our sillness, we will start making our picnic baskets.  How fun does that sound?  If you haven't tried making one you can do a simple pinterest search on how to make one, or you can always come back and check in to see how we made ours.  A fun, inexpensive activity that takes just a few minutes to make for hours of fun.

Wednesday, we will continue the summer picnic and gardening fun by planting more plants.  I think maybe this time we should plant strawberries.  Our last batch of strawberries were so red and beautiful, but they were enjoyed by the racoons.  Sharing is caring, so we just smiled and wallowed in positive thoughts that at least someone enjoyed them.  This time, we will have to come up with a plan to keep the animals from taking them.  I guess I better go and google this one.  I have never used anything on our home grown foods to detour the unwelcome.

Thursday, it's Picnic time!!!  Get your baskets, blankets and belly.  It's time to eat!  I can't wait to share more about our week.  We hope you have enjoyed reading about the start of our weekly theme for next week.  Hope you come back to see our posted pictures and fill you in.

It's always a great day to have a great day................>Miss Lori