The Sandlot

Daily Routine and Schedule

7:30-8:00, Arrival and Free Play

8:15 -8:45- Breakfast

8:45-9:00-Bathroom/Hygiene time

9:05-9:15-Wiggle time/ Singing

9:15-9:40- Morning-Read-out-Loud, story discussion and vocabulary understanding.

9:40-9:50- Bathroom Break

9:50-10:15- Structured activities, Zoo Phonics, math (shapes and numbers) color, art and science

10:15-10:35-snack (wash hands)

10:35-11:35-Outside play

11:35-11:45-Bathroom/ Hygiene time

11:45-12:00-Lunch Prep

12:20-12:45 Lunch/ Clean up

12:30-12:45-Wind down time with Stories and nap prep.

1:00-2:45- Nap/Quiet time

2:45-3:00 Wake up time/ Nap Clean up

3:00 Bathroom/Prep for Pick up

3:30- Quiet activities, free choice

3:30-PM Snack

4:15-4:30 PM 

**We close at 4:30pm o


 Routines and Schedules Are Important Because:

 They influence a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. 

 They help children feel secure.

 They help children understand expectations.

 They help reduce behavior problems.

 They can result in higher rates of child engagement.

Why are schedules and routines important?

 Because they are repetitive, schedules and routines help children learn classroom activities. 

 Children are able to predict what will happen next and this helps them feel secure and prepared.

 Classrooms with consistent schedules and routines facilitate children’s understanding of the learning environment expectations.

 Children who are familiar with classroom schedules and routines are more likely to be engaged, attentive, and learn new knowledge.

Here we believe in modeling courtesy, kindness, and empathy as well as encouraging important moral values. Every day, I will promote and reinforce positive behavior, set appropriate boundaries, and provide opportunities to cooperate with peers and verbally solve interpersonal problems. By doing so, I believe that children will develop essential social skills that will last a lifetime. 

Each day your child is here, I will make sure that your child’s needs are met by being able to  Interact with others, give them loving touch, help them build stable relationships, boost their self esteem, allow them to have free play, reading and music time, and communicate with them the best that we both can with one another!

I believe that each child is unique in their own way; here I will treat them as individuals.

I belive that each child has their own challenges, which I am more than willing to help them conquer their challenges and move above beyond them.

I belive that every child learns at their own pace; here, I will allow them to grow, learn, and move at their own pace.

Each day your child is here, I will see that they are safe, secure and happy!

Each day your child is here, I will make them healthy meals and see that they have gotten plenty of rest, exercise and proper nutrition throughout their day.

I am patient, non-judgmental; enjoy working with children and people of all ages. I’m neat, organized, productive and consistent.  I’m open minded, dependable, a good role model, a mother of honor roll students, reliable, honest, athletic,  and most of all, willing to care for your child to the best of my ability.



 We are licensed by the State of California through the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Our state license number is 434415278

Just some of our lessons:

Every Day Zoo Phonics!

Every Day Circle Time!

Monday- Math, Music and Science

Tuesday- Reading and Creative Thinking

Wednesday- Dramatic Play, Art and Music

Thursday- Small and Large Motor Skills

Friday- Free Art, Choice Reading, Building, and End of the Week Wrap Up.

Each day we spend at least one hour outside, weather permitting. If we cannot make it outside due to inclement weather, we will dance, sing and try to get as much movement in our day as possible.


What I did today! 

Today like millions of other Americans
I went to work. I didn't design a beautiful skyscraper,

I didn't write a proposal to save an endangered species, 
and I didn't drive a bus or fly a plane,
or write a crucial bill that would someday become a law. 

However, I did spend time with some very important people.

I read a story to an attorney,
I sang the alphabet song with a Supreme Court Justice.

I ate Lunch with a pastor,
and patted the back of an engineer until he fell asleep.

Taught a policeman how to tie his shoes,
and introduced an astronaut to the color red.

Tomorrow, who knows whom I'll meet,
but one thing is for sure.....

They will be very IMPORTANT
For they are our precious children,
and the hope of our very future.