The Sandlot

Here at the Sandlot we participate in the USDA Food Program.. This is a federally funded Child Care Food Program (CCFP) to ensure that children receive nutritious, well-balanced meals while in day care. The CCFP reimburses a portion of each meal  to licensed child care providers for serving meals and snacks that meet the USDA requirements to the children in their care. There is no additional cost to parent to participate in this program.  

Our Meal times that are set forth by the Food Program are:

  • Breakfast                             8:30am        ------- Last serving for breakfast will take place at 8:30am.  

  • Morning snack                    10:30am only

  • Lunch                                   12:30pm only

  • Afternoon snack                  3:45pm only
Breakfast arrival must occur no later than 8:15am to be able to attend breakfast.

Here at The Sandlot, we believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with a proper diet.  After all, healthy eating is important for the proper formation of bones, teeth, muscles and a healthy heart.  Your child’s diet can affect growth and development, so we make sure that every meal or snack your child eats meets or exceeds the USDA Food guidelines expectations.

How do you get them to eat that?:

It is hard for preschoolers to eat enough in three meals to provide the nutrients and calories they need. As part of our food program, we will offer snacks between meals to manage this need.  Snack time is a great time to introduce new foods that the child may not be used to. Never under estimate what you think your child might eat.  Our policy is that you don't have to like it, but every one has to try at least one bite before they get to decide that they don't like it.  You will be surprised at the foods that your child will learn to love to eat.  Many times children will refuse food at mealtimes, but accept them at snack time. Snacks should provide more than just calories.  They should be a regular component of the child’s overall nutritional program.

What’s Your Role?:As your child’s parents, you can also help promote good nutrition by setting a good example. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise should be a regular part of your family's life. It is much easier if everyone in the house follows these guidelines, than if your child has to do it alone. As they say, “Monkey see, Monkey do!”

When shopping for food, you should always choose to buy low-calorie and low-fat meals, snacks and desserts, low fat or skim milk and diet drinks. Avoid buying high calorie desserts or snacks, such as snack chips, regular soft drinks or regular ice cream.

Food Program rules:

  • No outside food of any kind, excluding holiday parties and birthdays
  • All meals must be served at their meal times designated by the CCFP.
  • Only healthy food and snacks will be served by the provider that meet the daily food guidelines of the USDA Food Program.
  • All children must be enrolled into the food program prior to enrollment of daycare. 
  • All children are entitled to enroll in the food program regardless of age, gender, race, income or religion.

Sample of food we serve:

Breakfast-           Oatmeal, apples and milk

Morning snack-    Eggs, wheat toast, blueberries and milk or water

Lunch-                Chicken breast, pasta noodles, peas/carrots, pears and milk

Afternoon snack-Yogurt, graham crackers, bananas and milk or water 

Food we won't serve:

  • Fast food of any kind
  • Foods high in salt or sugar
  • Box Mac and Cheese, canned pastas, or frozen dinners/meals
  • chips, candy, soda, or drinks with caffeine
  • Foods that include food dye, like gummy fruit snacks
  • (The above list does not include all exclusions of foods not served)

Pictured to the right is one of our simple lunches.

Brown rice with veggies and chicken

Fish sticks, home made

Carrot chip


And not pictured milk or water

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