The Sandlot

The older kids used their motor skills, using a hole puncher to create seeds for their strawberries.  While the younger kids used black finger paint to make thier seeds.


Getting Ready to make Red Ripe Strawberries, later we will hide them from the big hungry BEAR!!


Easter Egg Hunt and Lake Anderson 

Spring Into Fun! 

March 2014!

 Math, Science, History, Dancing, Reading, Writing and More! We have been busy having a great time.  
In February, we had a fun time learning new songs about our Country and learning about all 44 Presidents.  Ask your child who is on a Penny, yes is it our 16th President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  During our week long topic of Presidents, we learned to jump to 44 times, sing Your a Grand Old Flag, and learn about Betsy Ross, the creator of our America Flag. All of the children learned what a penny is and how much it is worth.  We counted up to 44 cents. They think I'm rich!

 Continuing our lessons on Presidents, The children learned that someone who is/was the president was a leader and gets to make all of the rules for Mommies and Daddies, as well as our country.  They were all surprised to learn that we have to listen to rules too, not just get to make them.  


 Below: Our older friend helps and assist one of the younger children, helping her dump gems from bucket to bucket without spilling.  As each child learned to wait patiently, others counted the number of gems that fell into the buckets. 

This was a very fun activity, because all of our children were able to participate and feel like a very important part of our group. We were able to use many of our senses with this activity and that is always SUPER Fun! After each person took their turn, we sang in celebration! Way to go!  

Below:Marching to "your a Grand Old Flag" with the flags that we made.

 A fun Sensory bin that helps us to learn math. 

Which has more, which has less?

We are ready for the Cat and The Hat!  

We continued to work with the "AT" family words.  We made up silly stories like, The fat cat sat on his hat!  As you can see in the picture, we not only learned to read these words, we learned to write them too.  Our younger friends enjoyed watching us play Make it say with Zoo Phonics!  They loved to hear when we would spell words incorrectly like spelling the word "CTA", sound that one out!  Isn't that fun. 

 January 24

Outdoor play has a tremendous influence on all kinds of development, from physical and emotional to social and personal.

Some physical skills are much easier for children to develop outdoors. Running, jumping, throwing, catching and skipping are among large motor skill activities that are developed best outdoors.  This week we took the kids out to Lake Anderson to enjoy nature and explore new opportunities. 

Being outdoors requires kids to use their senses, sight, sound, touch, smell and even sometimes taste, along with their major muscle groups.

We feel that introducing the kids to new environments leads them to be more likely to invent new games and ideas.   Whether a King is rescuing the Queen from a tower, or red rover is being altered with new rules, children adapt play to their surroundings. We spent a fun day filled with hiking, collecting leaves, branches, listening to the chirping of the birds and the gentle flow of the creek.  We learned how to implement echo calls into a canyon and defined what they were.  I taught the children how to play new games, like “I declare I’m the Bear”, and we all enjoyed our lunch at the picnic tables appreciating what nature had to share with us.

 This unstructured and inventive play not only leads to additional cognitive development, but teaches social skills and builds self-confidence.

Here at the Sandlot, we have found that children, who are outdoors, particularly in a number of environments, are more comfortable outside of the confines of the Preschool.  In addition, we find that the children are able to transition better into new settings and show courage when they are introduced to new places and people. We are happy that we are able to see new places and things together.  Field Trips ROCK!!


 January 1-14

We have been having a blast in the New Year.  On New Year's Eve we kicked it off with a fun count down Party..  We  made hats, blew on some sparkly party blowers and learned to count backwards from 10.  Happily we said good-bye to another year passed.

Christmas break was over and we got right back to work on learning, playing and listening.

Our first week  of the New Year we studied WINTER with a SNOW Theme! We made some frosty friends, joined in on the SNOWBALL OLYMPICS and participated in a field trip to the Morgan Hill Library.  

With the New Year came a few January birthday's.  We celebrated two different parties this month so far for two of our good Friends.  Both of them turned two this month. I am sure that they are both really excited to start working on potty training with Miss Lori.  

As you can see in our pictures, the children also enjoyed doing lots of new arts and crafts and continued working on their hand-eye coordination by making some snow-dough Snow men. Oh and Snow ladies.  Of course we didn't forget to focus on the letters and made some fun letter crafts using pretend snow.  Okay, cotton-balls

Our read out louds so far this moth have been:

The Snow Day by Ezra Jack Keats and Sadie and the Snowman By, Allen Morgan.

It is truly amazing to hear the children's vocabulary increase daily as we reread our stories.  Each day we learn new words, discover what they mean and then put them to use.  

Due to the SUNNY California sun it has been a little difficult convincing the children that it's winter. In one of our many morning songs, we sing about how it's time to bundle up, don't wear shorts, don't go to the beach and we NEVER swim.  The kids all disagreed.   So we decided to take a dip into some ice water for a few seconds.  The kids had a great time placing their hands into the bowls of ice water and realized that the water was not so inviting for swimming after all. After the ice water, we took a dip into some warmer water and decided that was much more pleasant.  The children all agreed that we would need to wait until Summer to go to the beach and swim. It actually is WINTER!

Pictured off to the Left!

It's SNOWING in Morgan Hill.

Sight, Sound, feel and preform the movement of the Letter S.

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ( move  your arm like a snake)

December 23-27

Due to the busy times of the holidays we've gotten a little behind in keeping the site updated. Sorry about that! But don't worry, we're back now and ready to keep you guys in the loop.

The girls got to have a princess tea party together! They brought their baby dolls and they got out the tea set and all gathered around.

While the girls were have a tea party the boys were all hanging out and making a construction site!

Later that day Santa came to visit!  The kids had a blast getting to sit on Santa's lap and opening the presents Santa brought. 

 December 16-20

Large/Small Motor Skills: This week we started a Santa's workshop and the kids practiced using their large motor skills by balancing boxes and stacking them on top of each other. While working away in Santa's shop, they practiced team work, cooperation, manners, and sharing.  When the hard work was done, they moved on to practicing their gift wrapping by using their small motor skills tearing tape, cutting with scissors and folding the paper around the boxes.  Wrapping all of the presents in Santa's workshop made the hard working Elves tired, so the Elves used the boxes to sit on and  take a lunch break. Santa's steam whistle blew when break time was over and the Elves marched on to the beat of Christmas tunes.

Language Arts:  Sounds are all around us as we live our everyday lives.  Animals make sounds, instruments make sounds and LETTERS make sounds.  What is the sound of this letter?:

Mm m m m.  M is the sound of this letter!

 We learned how each letter has it's own sound and when we put letters together in a certain order, we can spell words.

Music : Creating music to our ears and learning to count the beats with the sounds of the drum. Pounding away and having fun.

 Pictured Left-

Small Motor Skills:  (Picture below)

Our preschoolers exercised their small motor skills  by  transferring beads from a cup to one of three Christmas trees using a pair of tweezers.  This activity also helped them practice using the 3 finger pincer grasp.  Look how colorful those trees are.

 Activities: Using our fine motor skills we practice using our 3-finger pincer grasp.  This is the grasp that children will eventually master so that they are able to properly hold a pencil. As you can see in the pictures below we partake in different activities that allow us to get the most practice possible.  This is just part of our daily fun here.

 Games: The kids got to throw "sacks down the chimney" for one of our games this week! Playing this game worked with the child's large motor skills and also introduced dramatic play. How fun it was to pretend to be Santa delivering sacks of toys down the chimney with our friends! 



December 9-13

Letters:What do you know about the letter Mm?  Some words that start with the letter Mm are mirror, money, mittens and marbles. In our language arts group we are going to focus on the letter Mm. We will focus on  what sound it makes and what is looks like.  During class time this week the children got to play with the "alphabet puzzle".  Playing with the letters helps the children get familiar with shape and ability to recognize them.  Letter puzzles will help promote their growth  towards language art skills.

Family Projects:We're going to be sending home a Christmas tree count down! This activity will help with the children's mathematics! This fun project  will help the children subtract 1 from 10 every day while the kids get to notice how many days left till Christmas! Are you counting down the days too?

Read Out Loud: We got the great idea of the above game from our  Read Out Loud this week, Holiday Fun by Erin Rees.  In the book we learned about how different families celebrate the holidays.  Being able to listen to the book was another aspect towards promoting language and arts section.

Yes, More Stories: This morning we read Christmas Mice! by Bethany Roberts. In the story the mice were decorating and getting everything ready for Christmas time. A friendly cat left the mice a piece of cheese as a Christmas present.  In return the mice made the cat Christmas cookies and they left them on the cat's doorstep.  After we read this book the kids got to play with playdough and use their creative arts skills to make their own Christmas cookies with their friends

DEC. 2-6 

 The cold weather is finally here! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, every where we go.  This week we're going to learn about quilts! Going to go deeper into the alphabet and learn about the letters Qq, Mm and Ll.  Do you know some words that start with any of these letters? 

Our Read Out Loud for this week is The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston and Tomie De Paola.  If you know of another book that has a quilt with it then you can bring it to Show and Tell to show your friends! 

This week was kicked off with making stockings!!! The kids each got a red construction paper stocking where they got to decorate it with cotton balls and some Christmas stickers. Using our fine motor skills we were able to create our own special stocking. Working with the shapes of the cotton balls and stockings helped the kids understand geometry  and spacial awareness. Everyone is starting to get excited realizing Christmas is just around the corner.

Later on we are going to be making a quilt book for Arts & Crafts. Making these books will help with the children's creative development.  What is special about your quilt?  Keep this in mind as the week goes on.

 Pictured Below:

The older kids helped their little buddies today with a fun yet simple sorting activity. Letting the children work together like this allows the older child to be a leader, practice patience, give directions and develop an understanding of their younger friend.  Creating opportunities to pair children up with activities like this promotes confidence in the children and helps create a bond between two children of very different age groups.  Together the children sorted red and green sticks into two different cups.  Sorting the colors into groups helped with the kid's fine motor skills along with color recognition. Creating moments like this are so important because they allow for so many teachable moments that will last a life time. 

Free Art:

The children explore their creative side by using a plethora of Holiday decorations, pre-cut shapes, poms, glitter, sequins,  and stickers to create a holiday piece of art.  

November 25-27 

This week went by in a blur as we prepared for Thanksgiving with our family and friends! Since we were only open for 2 and a 1/2 days we tried to fit in as much as we could before we ran out of time!!

In the movie, "The Mayflower Voyagers" with Charlie Brown, we learned a lot about how the pilgrims had to travel to get to America, and the struggles they had to go through.   We learned how the Pilgrims helped to plant different food like corn, and how they were able to build things. The travels on the Mayflower were harsh.  The children learned the seriousness of how sick the Pilgrims got on their boat ride to America.  Have you ever been on a boat? If so, where did you go?

Earlier in the week, we made some pilgrim hats with our friends and got to decorate them.  We added some feathers and made them look super cool.

We all got together and had a Thanksgiving feast with our friends.  We got to talk about what we were thankful for and how lucky we were.  What are you most thankful for?

November 18-22

11/18- We're learning all about Thanksgiving this week!  We will learn all about the interesting history about Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims got to America and the struggles of their trip on the Mayflower.  Did you know that it took them 65 days to travel from Europe to America? Still lots more Thanksgiving and other fun topics to come.

Today we had a fun math lesson where we learned about the number 4.  The kids were able to sort different Thanksgiving related pictures, figure out patterns, and identify different categories. We all colored our own picture of a turkey so that we knew what one looked like and we talked about how we all get to eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner! Did you notice the different forms of transportation on our math lesson?  Where will you go for Thanksgiving this year and how will you get there?

Our read out loud this week is called "The Night Before Thanksgiving". The author is Natasha Wing, and the Illustrator is Tammie Lyon.

 What does the author do?  What was your favorite part of the book? Who were some of the people in the story?  Can you think of any words that rhymed in the book?

Later on we are going to learn about the letter "Tt' and will  cover our letters with tissue paper. What starts with the letter "Tt"?  What  sound does it make?

11/20-  In addition to our daily Read Out Loud, we explored some new books and read them with our friends.  Some of the books we read are, "The Best Thanksgiving Ever!", "The Great Turkey Race", and "The Busy Little Squirrel".  

In the book "The Great Turkey Race", the turkeys had a field day with lots of competitions to see who could win and who would be the "Thanksgiving Turkey"! In the end the turkeys realized what the "Thanksgiving Turkey" was really about and they escaped the farm and ran away.

We  decided to have our own made up field challenges at preschool .  The  rain kept us in doors, but it's didn't stop the fun.  The kids all participated in a competition to see who could pop the most bubbles, while our friends help count the number of bubbles we popped.  It was a BLAST!

Torn Tissue Tt

The children used two fingers to trace over the letter "Tt"  so they could learn it's formation.

They then took tissue paper and tore it into pieces small enough that it could fit inside the letter "Tt".  It was a Terrific way to learn about our new letter.

 This week at the Sandlot we've learned about vehicles on the road like a bus, and we also got hands on with the letter "Zz". What starts with the letter Z?  What sound does Z make?

The bus is big and yellow, can you count how many windows this bus has?  What other vehicles do you notice on the road?  Throughout this week we will continue to learn what's on the road, what signs are on the road, and road safety .  Do you know why you always need to  hold hands with an Adult before you cross the street? Don't forget always look both ways before you cross. 

Also this week, we'll become quite familiar with "Gg" and the sounds that come with it. Let's think about other ways that we can get from one place to another............................. Check back in to see updates!

 Birthday Princess!  Yesterday we celebrated  our friend turning 4!! The kids enjoyed delicious cupcakes and circled around the table to sing Happy Birthday.  Everybody was excited to share in their friends special day!

We were welcomed by princesses, superheroes, disney characters and the like to kick off our Halloween party!  It was an eventful day filled with spooky stories, themed snacks and a ton of Halloween games.  Of course we didn't leave out our daily lessons, which of course were all in support of the Holiday.

We sang songs, read stories and continued with our Zoo Phonics lessons.  Without skipping a beat, the kids excelled through yet another day of FUN!!
Hoping for a fun night and cavity free Trick-or-Treating!

After a fun filled day yesterday, we all hopped right back into action and just kept on going.

We started out our day with a visit from our SEEDS coach. I could not be more impressed with their behavior and desire to learn this morning. All of the kids were more than happy to show of their ability to spell 3 LETTER WORDS. Like CAT, HAT, and BAT!! By the way, did you know those words rhyme? We read, talked, asked and answered questions and of course danced until our hearts were content.

After circle time, the kids could not wait any longer. It was finally time to decorate our pumpkins that we picked up at the farm yesterday. All of the kids had a blast adding all sorts of stickers, glitter, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and tons of other fun stuff they chose to include on their most perfect pumpkins. 

I am sure you will agree that those are some of the most amazing pumpkins you have ever seen.

Hope you are as ready for Halloween like we are!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's Costume Party!!!!

Stay tuned.................................................. 

2013 Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip!

Today the kids enjoyed our annual trip to the pumpkin patch!  They learned about the different types of pumpkins and gourds the patch had.  The kids got a chance to go on a hayride and sit with their friends as they road around the sunflower fields.  We also enjoyed a train ride that rode us around the patch and gave us different views.  

They had fun adventuring around looking for their very own pumpkin they could take home to decorate.  The kids made up their own fun by jumping around on the hay bales with their friends.  We all enjoyed the crisp fall air and nice weather that permitted our pumpkin patch trip.


Part of our lesson this week included the video below.  Several of the kids wanted to share this with their parents, so I hope everyone enjoys watching this together!!!!! 

Spring Time Fun is Here 

Preparing for our Spring Egg Hunt 

Ready to get your Zoo on?

Zoo Phonics signal Sheet!



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Get A Grip!

Does your child need help holding their crayon or pencil?

Click here to see and hear our Proper Pencil Grip Song and Video!

Nature is the BEST!!! 

Valentine's Day Party!